Applying for Sectoral Engagement Grants


What are the Sectoral Engagement Grants?

The Sectoral Engagement Grants aims to provide opportunities for faculty and staff with lesser teaching and work-loads from Higher Education Institutions (HEI) to conduct immersion work with CHED-approved partners nationwide. Through the program, the Commission seeks to incentivize faculty and staff to engage in industry immersion, commissioned research, and extension activities which would enable them to complement their theoretical expertise with field experience.

With this, the Commission hopes to partially address the job-skills mismatch by ensuring the continuous updating of skills and knowledge of faculty members as well as enabling them to apply their technical expertise in conducting evidence-based, high-impact research and extension work geared towards promoting sustainable development at the national, regional, and local level.

The full-text of the amended policy for the Sectoral Engagements may be downloaded here. The said text is a combination of both CHED Memorandum Order No. 14, s. 2016 and CHED Memorandum Order No. 48, s. 2016.

What are the mechanics?

While under immersion, personnel from Private Higher Education Institutions are eligible to receive monthly grants from the Commission while Plantilla personnel from State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and CHED-recognized Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) may receive allowances from sectoral partners. You may refer to CHED Memorandum Order (CMO) No. 48, s. 2016: Guidelines for Availing of Sectoral Engagement Grants under the K to 12 Transition Program for further clarification.

Who can be nominated?

All CHED-recognized HEIs in the Philippines may nominate their personnel for the Sectoral Engagement grants. Faculty, Non-teaching staff, and Administrators, regardless of tenure, may be nominated by their Sending HEI provided that the HEI justifies the expected impact of their nominations as all approved nominees must render return service in the HEI following a 1:1 ratio. You may refer to CMO 48, s. 2016 for further clarifications on return service.

What are the grant amounts?

For Second Semester of S.Y. 2016-2017, the grant amounts are as follows:

Mode Grant Amount
Full-time For Grantees with a doctorate degree, Php 40,000 / month

For Grantees with a master’s degree, Php 30,000 / month

For Grantees with a bachelor’s degree, Php 22,000 / month

Part-time For Grantees with a doctorate degree, Php 20,000 / month

For Grantees with a master’s degree, Php 15,000 / month

For Grantees with a bachelor’s degree, Php 11,000 / month

* Person-hours rendered may be in the form of office-work, field-work, output-based or a combination of them

Where are the partners?

The list of approved partners are viewable here. The Commission is continuously brokering partnerships with more organizations nationwide to ensure the availability of quality engagements locally.

What if we already have partners?

Aside from CHED-initiated partnerships, the Commission may also accredit partnerships initiated by HEIs. These include:

  • Existing partnerships governed by a Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding (MOA/MOU)
  • Prospective partnerships that the HEI is interested in brokering.

Further details for accrediting such partnerships may be found here.

How do I get nominated?

See the table below on how to avail of the Sectoral Engagement Grant:


Who are eligible?

  • Filipino citizen;
  • Is in good health and of good moral character;
  • Demonstrates strong academic record;
  • Must not have been convicted of violating any Philippine Law;
  • Will be able to fulfill all the Terms and Conditions of the grant, including a return service arrangement consistent with the guidelines set by the Commission
    (CMO 48, s. 2016);
  • For faculty: preferably holds a master’s or doctoral degree relevant to his/her teaching discipline; however, nominees without graduate degrees may also be nominated provided the SHEI provides adequate justification of such nominations;
  • For non-teaching staff: holds at least a bachelor’s degree. 

What forms should we submit?

  1. SHEI Nomination Form (using template provided)
  2. Faculty Requirements:
    1. Curriculum vitae (CV) of each nominee using the template provided
    2. Original or Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records
    3. Re-entry action plan mutually agreed upon by SHEI and nominees
    4. Proof of citizenship of each nominee (NSO authenticated birth certificate, information page of valid passport, or voter’s ID)
    5. Medical Certificate of each nominee issued within the last six months, supported by medical examinations/laboratory results
    6. For DBP Account / Prepaid Card[1]:
      1. If with existing DBP Account: Account Number
      2. If without existing DBP Account:
        1. Application Form for Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) Prepaid Card
        2. 1 x 1 ID Picture for DBP Prepaid Card
        3. Photocopy of any Valid ID with picture (no need to submit if passport or voter’s ID is submitted as proof of citizenship)

For those with HEI-initiated partnerships, partnerships may be formalized through the submission of the following documents, attached to the nomination forms:

  1. Existing Partnerships Form
  2. Partner Profile Form (Appendix 1 of CMO Nos. 12 and 13, s. 2016)
  3. Engagement Proposal Form (Appendix 2 of CMO Nos. 12 and 13, s. 2016)
  4. Proof of Partnership, either of the following:
  5. Notarized copy of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the HEI and the Partner, to reflect provisions of immersion; or
  6. Exchange of letters or written certification of the verbal agreement of the partnership, duly signed by representatives of the HEI and the partner

[1] All grantees are provided DBP Prepaid Cards for easy disbursement of grants. Grantees may choose; however, to use their existing accounts.

* Return service contract will be required after approval of nomination

You may download all the forms here. Please refer to the attached guide in the folder: 0 READ ME – SHEI Nomination Steps.


Please submit your nominations for the second semester engagements on or before October 3, 2016 for those with HEI-initiated partnerships. Please read the Call for Nominations for 2nd Semester here.

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