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The Sectoral Engagement Grants provide opportunities for college faculty and non-teaching staff with lesser teaching and work-loads to conduct immersion work with CHED-approved partners nationwide. Through the program, they are given incentives to engage in industry immersion, commissioned research, and extension activities which would enable them to complement their theoretical expertise with field experience.

The Sectoral Engagement Grants are designed to fulfill the following objectives.


se_icons-04 Assist in managing the impact of the K to 12 transition period to labor se_icons-02Align classroom instruction with existing industry practices se_icons-03 Contribute technical expertise of higher education personnel to the pursuit of regional & national development


Mechanics & Grant Privileges

se_icons-05Private Higher Education Institutions
Faculty and non-teaching staff will receive monthly grants.
se_icons-06State Universities & Colleges (SUCs) and
CHED-recognized Local Universities & Colleges (LUCs)
Plantilla Personnel may receive allowances from the sectoral partners, subject to partner discretion and agreement.


For Second Semester of A.Y. 2016-2017, the grant amounts are as follows.
Mode Grant Amount

For Grantees with a doctorate degree, Php 40,000 / month

For Grantees with a master’s degree, Php 30,000 / month

For Grantees with a bachelor’s degree, Php 22,000 / month


For Grantees with a doctorate degree, Php 20,000 / month

For Grantees with a master’s degree, Php 15,000 / month

For Grantees with a bachelor’s degree, Php 11,000 / month

* Person-hours rendered may be in the form of office-work, field-work, output-based, or a combination of them


Grant Duration
Duration of the Grant Computation in Terms of Maximum Duration
1 year of Full time engagements 1 year
6 months of Full time engagements 6 months
6 months of Part time engagements 3 months



All CHED-recognized HEIs in the Philippines may nominate their faculty, non-teaching staff, and administrators, regardless of tenure.

  • Filipino citizen;
  • Is in good health and of good moral character;
  • Demonstrates strong academic record;
  • Must not have been convicted of violating any Philippine Law;
  • Will be able to fulfill all the Terms and Conditions of the grant, including a return service arrangement consistent with the guidelines set by the Commission
    (CMO 48, s. 2016);

    • For faculty: preferably holds a master’s or doctoral degree relevant to his/her teaching discipline; however,
    • Nominees without graduate degrees may also be nominated provided the SHEI provides adequate justification of such nominations;
    • For non-teaching staff: holds at least a bachelor’s degree.


Requirement Save Scanned Document As
A Copy of any valid government issued ID with picture “Last Name, Given Name_A.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_B.pdf)
B Original or Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records “Last Name, Given Name_B.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_B.pdf)
C Original Medical Certificate accomplished by a physician “Last Name, Given Name_C.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_C.pdf)
D Two (2) pieces 1 x 1 pictures taken within the last six months “Last Name, Given Name_D.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_D.pdf)
E Duly accomplished and signed DBP Application Form
The DBP Application Form must be accomplished in black ink, leaving no field unaccomplished. The nominee shall attach a 1×1 picture on the upper right-hand of the form and affix his/her signature on the document using a permanent black pen. The DBP Application Form shall be used to facilitate the disbursement of grants / living allowances in the event that the nominee is awarded with a grant.
“Last Name, Given Name_E.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_E.pdf)
F Proof of Filipino Citizenship (i.e. NSO Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID) “Last Name, Given Name_F.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_F.pdf)
G Copy of a MOA or Tripartite Agreement between SHEI, Sectoral Partner, and Grantee (ONLY FOR NOMINEES UNDER EXISTING or HEI-INITIATED PARTNERSHIPS) “Last Name, Given Name_G.pdf”
(ex. Dela Cruz, Juan_G.pdf)


Grantee Nomination Process

PHASE 1: BEFORE ONLINE NOMINATIONS (Preparation of Supporting Documents)
  1. The SHEI Representative must have the following information from their nominees:
    • First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name
    • Highest Degree attained and Discipline
    • Preferred Duration of Sectoral Engagement
    • Preferred Mode of Sectoral Engagement (Full-time or Part-time)
    • Working e-mail address (IMPORTANT: All next steps will be communicated through email)
  2. The SHEI Representative must also have a working email address.
  3. The SHEI Representative must be fully aware of the school’s Strategic Direction, and the reasons to justify why the HEI is nominating its faculty for the Sectoral Engagement Grants.
  1. The Nominees shall download the Medical Certificate, and DBP Application Form templates from this link.
  2. The Nominees shall scan the following supporting documents and MUST follow the naming convention. These shall be uploaded during online application. Attachments that do not follow the prescribed naming convention shall not be recognized.
PHASE 2: DURING ONLINE NOMINATIONS (Filing of Online Nomination and Scanned Supporting Documents)

Admission to the grants is still through nomination by Sending Higher Education Institution. If you are an individual HEI personnel interested to take the SE Grants, please coordinate with your school administrators and refer to the steps below:
1. School Administrators /Representatives must go to and read the all information in the website.
2. School Administrators /Representatives must click on the NOMINATION button to access the SHEI Nomination Page.
3. School Administrators/Representatives must accomplish all required fields and supply the necessary information from the personnel that they will be nominating.

Note that the Online Application Portal cannot save the details being entered by the Applicant. It is important to have a steady internet connection, especially when uploading files or submitting the Application.

4. Within 3-5 working days of submission, the School Administrators /Representatives will receive an email informing them that the nominations were successful. Attached to this email is the SHEI Nomination Form that they will have to print and have signed by the SHEI President.
5. Each of the nominees from the SHEI will also receive an email within 3-5 days of the SHEI submission informing them of their nomination. This email contains a link to the Nominee Information Page.
6. The nominees must fill-out all required fields in the Nominee Information Page and then upload all documentary requirements.

Note that the Online Application Portal cannot save the details being entered by the Applicant. It is important to have a steady internet connection, especially when uploading files or submitting the Application.

7. Within 3-5 working days of submission of the online form, the nominee will receive an email informing them of the next steps. Also attached to the email is the Re-Entry Action Plan which needs to be printed and signed.
8. Nominees must submit the signed Re-Entry Action Plans to the SHEI Administrator/Representative and then have them signed by the SHEI President.
9. The SHEI Administrator/Representative must mail the duly accomplished and signed (1) SHEI Nomination Form, and the (2) Re-Entry Action Plans to the K to 12 Transition Program Unit of their CHED Regional Offices. Please refer the directory found here.
PHASE 3: AFTER ONLINE NOMINATIONS (Submission of Hard Copy SHEI Nomination Form and Re-Entry Action Plan)
1. The Nominee will receive an email from the Commission within three (3) to five (5) working days from submission of the Nominee Information notifying them of its success and completion. This email shall include the Re-Entry Action Plan. The Nominee must download, review, and sign the Re-Entry Action Plan then submit it to the SHEI Representative.
2. The SHEI Representative will receive an email from the Commission within three (3) to five (5) working days from submission of the SHEI Nomination notifying them of the success and completion of the nomination. This email shall include the SHEI Nomination Form. The SHEI Representative must download, review, and have the SHEI Nomination Form signed by the SHEI President.
3. The SHEI Representative must collect all the Re-Entry Action Plans from their nominees, and then have these signed by the SHEI President as well.
4. The signed hard copies of the SHEI Nomination Form and the Re-Entry Action Plans, together with the hard copies of all supporting documents, from Attachments A to G, shall be submitted by the SHEI Representative to the K to 12 Transition Program Unit, in the CHED Regional Office concerned. Applications submitted with incomplete requirements, whether in the Online Application Portal or in the hard copy submissions, shall NOT be processed.

Nominations are from 15 September 2017 until 31 October 2017.


Call for Nominations Schedule

Call for Nominations Deadline for Nominations Start of Engagements
1st Quarter November 7, 2016 December 5, 2016 February 1, 2017
2nd Quarter February 15, 2017 March 31, 2017 May 1, 2017
3rd Quarter June 15, 2017 July 31, 2017 August 1, 2017
4th Quarter September 15, 2017 October 31, 2017 TBA



The list of approved partners are viewable here. The Commission is continuously brokering partnerships with more organizations nationwide to ensure the availability of quality engagements locally.

Aside from CHED-initiated partnerships, the Commission may also accredit partnerships initiated by HEIs. These include:

  • Existing partnerships governed by a Memorandum of Agreement or Understanding (MOA/MOU)
  • Prospective partnerships that the HEI is interested in brokering.

Further details for accrediting such partnerships may be found here.



Download our updated slides here.
Download our updated brochure here.


CHED Memorandum Order

CMO No. 48, s. of 2016
Amendment to CMO No. 14, s. 2016
Guidelines for Availing of Sectoral Engagement Grants Under The K to 12 Transition Program

Memo from the Chair, 4 September 2017
Call for Fourth Quarter 2017 Nominations for the Sectoral Engagement Grants Under the K to 12 Transition Program

For concerns and clarifications, you may reach us through