Sectoral Partner Application

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Why be a partner?

Through the Sectoral Engagement Grants, the Commission seeks to provide opportunities for Higher Education faculty and staff to be immersed in actual industry practice as well as conduct high-impact commissioned research and extension work for partners in civil society and government. While the grants enable deloaded Higher Education personnel to be engaged in professional development activities, our partners are able to utilize the technical and theoretical expertise of our grantees especially in research and extension.

In the long term, this program seeks to contribute to addressing the job-skills mismatch by ensuring that instruction in Higher Education Institutions are up-to-date with existing industry practices as a result of faculty immersion. Concretely, this may translate to reduced retraining costs as college graduates are now better equipped to engage in meaningful employment opportunities. At the same time, this program also seeks to present development work in NGOs, POs, and government agencies as a viable career path to college students.


Who can be a partner?

Organizations and agencies from the following sectors are eligible to apply:


You may refer to CHED Memorandum Order No. 11, s. 2016 for further details.


What kind of engagements can grantees do for us?

The Commission has come up with a suggested list of engagements which partners may ask from our grantees. However, the specific details of the engagements will be provided by the partner through a Terms of Reference (TOR).



Who will fund the grantees while doing engagements?

While under immersion, faculty and staff grantees from private higher education institutions are eligilbe to receive the monthly grants from the Commission. Plantilla personnel from State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs) will continue to receive their regular salary and benefits regardless of load. The grant amounts are as follows:

For Second Semester of S.Y. 2016-2017, the grant amounts are as follows:

Mode Grant Amount
Full-time For Grantees with a doctorate degree, Php 40,000 / monthFor Grantees with a master’s degree, Php 30,000 / month
For Grantees with a bachelor’s degree, Php 22,000 / month
Part-time For Grantees with a doctorate degree, Php 20,000 / monthFor Grantees with a master’s degree, Php 15,000 / month
For Grantees with a bachelor’s degree, Php 11,000 / month

* Person-hours rendered may be in the form of office-work, field-work, output-based or a combination of them

The Commission highly encourages interested sectoral partners to provide for additional counterpart funding for our nominees in the form of allowances, trainings, and certifications.


How do we apply?

For Industry and Civil Society Partners
Please refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to and click on the REGISTER button under the Sectoral Engagement Partner section.
  2. Create your profile and input the information on your organization. Please take note of the organization acronym that you will input since this will be your username for the log-in credentials.
  3. Upload scanned copies of the following:
    • Scanned copy of Recent Certificate of Registration from Securities and Exchange Commission.
    • Scanned copy of Audited Financial Report stamped by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
    • List of Recognitions, Achievements and Accomplishments with brief description signed and certified by the Executive Director (maximum of two pages)
    • Special Cases for Civil Society Organizations:
      • License to operate as Social Welfare and Development Agency (SWDA) from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (if applicable)
      • Certificate of Accreditation from the Cooperative Development Agency (if applicable)
    • Create the engagement postings once you are logged-in. These engagements will be visible to our approved grantees and they will be able to click on the apply button. Partners may screen the grantees and choose from among the candidates for the best fit in the engagement.

For an in-depth guide, please refer to the document: 1 Guidelines for Sectoral Partners located in

For Government Partners
Government to government partnerships are governed by a Memorandum of Agreement that have to be duly approved and signed by both agencies. For interested government agencies, please contact Mr. Gerhald I. Villasis, Sectoral Engagements Officer, for further details. You may contact him via e-mail at


Until when can we submit?

Partner applications are on a rolling basis. The monthly deadline is every 20th of the month. Results will be released in the second or third week of the next month.


Contact Us

For concerns and clarifications, you may reach us through or (02) 441 0927 for more information.