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Faculty and non-teaching staff from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) can go on full-time study to earn Master’s or Doctorate degrees, with scholarship privileges that include tuition cost, stipend, book allowance, and transportation allowance.

Individuals with completed master’s or doctoral coursework may receive a grant to undertake research for the completion of the corresponding master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

The Scholarships for Graduate Studies (Local) is designed to fulfill the following objectives.

goals_-01 Assist in managing the impact of the K to 12 transition period to labor goals_-02 Upgrade qualifications of HEI personnel during this opportune time goals_-03 Increase the availability of quality graduate programs



Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) may nominate TEACHING & NON-TEACHING PERSONNEL who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Is a Filipino citizen not more than 52 years old for the master’s degree program, or not more than 50 years old for the doctoral degree program; or not more than 60 years old for Thesis/Dissertation Grants
  • Must be fully or partially deloaded at the time of the scholarship, with a maximum teaching load of six (6) units for teaching personnel, or an equivalent of ten (10) hours of workload per week for non-teaching personnel.
  • Has graduated and possesses a degree relevant to his/her nomination, from a CHED-recognized program from a recognized institution
  • For personnel applying for FULL SCHOLARSHIP, whether new or ongoing, shall pursue graduate studies in a CHED-approved program and Delivering HEI
  • Shall pursue a course that is aligned with his/her teaching specialization, or justified in terms of alignment to the SHEI’s strategic direction/goals, contribution to the discipline, or contribution to regional and national goals
  • Is in good health and of good moral character;
  • Demonstrates strong academic record;
  • Has no pending criminal charges, and must not have been convicted for violation of any Philippine Law
  • Will fulfill the re-entry and return service agreement
Sending HEIs are requested to notify their prospective nominees to prepare the CLEAR COPIES of the following documents prior to the nomination period:

  • Proof of Citizenship (e.g. NSO Birth Certificate, Voter’s ID, Passport)
  • Transcript of Records for:
    • Undergraduate Degree
    • Graduate Degree (if completed degree)
  • Medical Certificate (you may download the template here)

Note: The copy of the requirements listed above shall be scanned and uploaded through the Online Nomination portal.

Process of Application


CHED Memorandum Order

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Guidelines on Scholarships for Graduate Studies – Local for Higher Education Institution (HEI) Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel Under the K to 12 Transition Program

CMO No. 3, s. of 2016
Guidelines on Graduate Education Scholarships for Faculty and Staff in the K to 12 Transition Period

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Amendments to CMO no. 3, s. 2016, Guidelines on Graduate Education Scholarships for Faculty and Staff Development in the K to 12 Transition Period

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