Scholarships for graduate studies abroad expose higher education faculty and staff to expertise and training in emerging disciplines that are still in the initial stages of development locally. It also paves the way for leadership in specific sectors, both in the academe and in the practice of particular specializations.





  • ADDITIONAL FUNDING for those still in need of financial support
  • YOUR CHOICE OF PROGRAMS under priority areas of study specified by CHED
  • FLEXIBLE DEADLINES depending on choice of school and program
  • FULL COVERAGE financial support for those who want to pursue studies abroad
  • TRUSTED PARTNERSHIPS uwith CHED-accredited and established award-giving bodies
  • FACILITATED APPLICATION process to select institutions and programs worldwide
  • Start-up Grants: Reimbursement for required exams such as the GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS
  • Partial Support for Master’s, Doctoral, and Ph.D. Sandwich Programs: Faculty/staff who have already been accepted to a program in a university abroad but are hindered from pursuing their studies due to insufficient funds may apply for additional funding.
  • Full Support Grants through the following partners: