Support to Senior High School Implementation

In line with its mandate, CHED is providing support to the basic education sector in the implementation of senior high school beginning in SY 2016-2017. This is done in close partnership with the Philippine Normal University (PNU), and is geared toward ensuring a high quality of teaching despite varying contexts, locations and experience of teachers.

This constitutes a twofold approach: development of materials for use by senior high school teachers nationwide, and training teachers to use these materials efficiently, while equipping learners for challenges beyond the senior high school classroom.

Materials Development

Teaching Guides

CHED is pooling together a broad coalition of experienced faculty from various colleges and universities around the country to develop teaching guides that will provide senior high school teachers with teaching strategies, guide questions and curated references that will aid them in teaching these new subjects in the basic education curriculum.

To complement efforts of the Department of Education (DepEd), CHED is crafting teaching guides for 21 subjects in the new senior high curriculum: 7 Core Courses, and the rest of the subjects under the Academic Track: eight under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Strand, and six under the Accounting, Business and Management (ABM) Strand.

These guides will be available for the use of both private and public senior high schools all over the country.

Senior High School Support Website

CHED is developing a website specifically aiming to provide support to senior high school teachers who may lack immediate resources. It will contain the following:

  • Digital versions of the teaching guides developed
  • Additional library of media in the form of texts, videos, presentations and other online resources that have been curated by top faculty from colleges and universities
  • Interactive space for collaboration among senior high school teachers, providing them with opportunities to share teaching strategies and resources to better contextualize lessons across schools, regions and subjects.

Teacher Training

Since higher education institutions comprise a sizable portion of those who will offer senior high school nationwide, CHED is developing teacher training modules that equip educators to teach college-readiness skills and independent thinking. These retooling modules highlight the potential of senior high school to prepare learners to pursue higher education and lifelong learning. The Private Education Assistance Committee-Fund for Assistance to Private Education (PEAC-FAPE) is a key partner in this initiative.

The modules will train teachers to, among other things:

  • develop lessons and objectives in line with learner-centered and outcomes-based education;
  • contextualize their resources and lessons to fit the profile of their students and the environment in which they are teaching;
  • be sensitive to teenage development (including gender, identity, and character);
  • create appropriate assessments and give useful feedback to students;
  • gather and properly use student feedback to improve their own teaching; and
  • critically use research, information and technology in the classroom.

The modules will be shared to both public and private schools through a Facilitators Camp where teacher educators will be trained. CHED is also coordinating with the National Network of Normal Schools (3NS) for opportunities to assist in training incoming teachers for senior high school.


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