Release of Allowances

Processing of allowances of scholars with complete and correct submissions have been fast-tracked and will be released in the succeeding weeks. Refer to the list of scholars below to find out if your allowance is already (1) released or (2) being processed for release.

For those with incomplete and/or incorrect submissions, the speedy action of the scholars concerned is required to facilitate release of allowances. Any pending requirements and the corresponding action steps are also indicated in the list below.

Rest assured, the Commission is working double-time to facilitate release. We are also committed to learning from this initial run of the scholarships, the experience of which shall inform the increase of efficiency in systems and processes in the forthcoming semesters.


To determine inclusions in the allowances, refer to the following table:

  • Active – scholars who are currently in the program
  • Deferred -approved nominees who have requested to enroll in the following semester. Please see your name and status in
  • Withdrawal – approved nominees who requested to withdraw from the program
  • Withdrawn – approved nominees who either did not advise on continuing in the program and/or did not submit the required documents on time
  • Thesis/Dissertation Proposal – approved nominees who have not yet submitted the certification of approved proposal signed by the DHEI designated representative. Please submit the said document via
  • No E-Form – scholars who have not yet submitted their enrollment form but are in the DHEI’s list of enrollees. Please submit the hardcopy to G/F of CHED Central Office.
  • Pending Confirmation/Submission – scholars who wish to avail of the scholarship privileges as provisionally awarded but have pending requirements. Please submit pending documents to the nearest CHED Regional Office on or before April 122017. The Commission shall automatically WITHDRAW non-compliant approved nominees from the program.

For any questions or concerns, please send us a message through the inquiry form.


In line with CHED Memorandum Order Nos. 3 and 36, s. 2016, as amended by CMO No. 4 series of 2017, all approved nominees must be able to comply with the required submission as indicated in the aforementioned policies for the Commission to facilitate the processing of the allowance disbursement.

However, the Commission will not be able to facilitate said disbursement if the following will not be submitted by all approved nominees for A.Y 2016-2017.

As we are preparing for the upcoming academic year 2017-2018, we enjoin all remaining 1st and 2nd semester scholars of AY 2016-2017 with pending requirements to submit the hard copies of these documents on or before 12 April 2017(Wednesday). All pending requirements must be submitted to the neared CHED Regional Office. The Commission shall automatically list non-compliant grantees as Withdrawn from the program.

  1. Letter of Acceptance and Scholarship Undertaking
    • Provisional Notice of Award;
    • Enrollment Form (as validated by DHEI’s Office of the Registrar);
    • Government issued ID of Grantee;
    • Government issued ID of the SHEI President or Head of Institution; and
    • If SHEI signatory is a Head of the Institution (e.g. Campus Director, Chancellor, etc.), attach a letter of authorization from the main HEI President, Board Resolution, or Secretary’s Certificate, whichever is applicable.
    • For Thesis/Dissertation Grantees: Certification of Approval for Thesis/dissertation proposal from HEI, duly signed by Dean of the College or President of the HEI.
  2. Deferment letter by the approved nominee, duly endorsed by the Sending HEI President or Head of Institution, explaining reason for deferment from the term approved and indicating commencement of graduate studies.*
  3. DBP Customer Record Form (CRF) with a valid Government ID photocopy attached

Please ensure to include all of the following documentary requirements in a brown envelope, duly labelled with K TO 12 TRANSITION PROGRAM: SCHOLARSHIPS FOR GRADUATE STUDIES-LOCAL.

For more information, please refer to the Memorandum from the Chairperson, March 14, 2017.