Release of Allowances

To further fast track the release of allowances to more scholars under the Scholarships for Graduate Studies-Local, the Commission is accommodating the disbursement of partial amounts for 1,011 scholars who have deficient signed contracts, enrollment forms, and/or grades of the completed semester. The public tracker is intended to guide scholars with documentary deficiencies, including the 933 scholars with pending submissions, to submit compliant documents to their respective CHED Regional Offices.


Your Questions Answered

Guide and reminders in using the public tracker.

The public tracker is updated continuously. Scholars are advised to check the public tracker regularly for the status of the documents submitted. As more documents are processed, the remarks on the tracker change.
Allow some time for your status on the public tracker to change should new submissions be made. Scholars that submit their documents in response to the public tracker or follow-ups made by the CHED Regional Offices, may expect the changes to be reflected within 7 to 10 working days from the time the CHED RO receives the documents, and has checked their validity and completeness.
Your UNID should be kept confidential. Keep your UNID secured. Avoid sharing it with other scholars or unauthorized persons.
My UNID is not in the public tracker.
Why and what to do?
The public tracker includes active scholars only. If you are not in the tracker, you’re either on leave of absence (LOA), deferred, or withdrawn from the program by approved request or as a result of the Memo from the Chairperson dated 14 March 2017.

For those with LOA and deferment, please ensure submission of requirements to facilitate disbursement. If you have already complied, please wait for the documents to be processed.

My submitted documents should be correct, why does the public tracker say otherwise? Submitted documents went through several stages of checking based on the guide published in If your documents are marked non-compliant, please submit compliant documents to your CHED Regional Office immediately for the fast processing of the remaining amount of allowances.
My allowance for the previous term/s have no status. Documents for different terms are processed separately and simultaneously. Hence, documents of later terms may be processed ahead of prior terms. The team is also ensuring that scholars will get at least one term’s worth each to increase the number of individuals who will receive allowances.