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Nominations for A.Y. 2017-2018 are now closed.

The Commission is pleased to announce the Approved Nominees for Scholarships for Graduates Studies (Local), for A.Y. 2017-2018. This is formalized under the following:
Memo from the Chair – May 26, 2017
Memo from the Chair – June 16, 2017
Memo from the Chair – July 19, 2017
Memo from the Chair – September 29, 2017

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Approved Nominees for Master’s Degree

Approved Nominees for Doctorate Degree


To become full-fledged scholars, approved nominees are requested to immediately complete the following steps and submit required documents to their SHEI’s respective CHED Regional Office (CHED RO) beginning 19 June 2017 (Monday) until 01 September 2017 (Friday). Approved nominees who fail to submit complete requirements on or before the specified deadline shall automatically be WITHDRAWN from the program.

Acceptance of the Scholarship

Submit documentary requirements to the CHED RO assigned to his/her sending HEI (SHEI) through personal appearance or authorized representative.

For the list of documentary requirements, please refer to the next table, Next Steps and Guidelines of Approved Nominees for A.Y. 2017-2018

Screen the submission for completeness and correctness

  1. If documents are incomplete, they will be returned to the nominee/authorized representative for further compliance.
  2. If documents are complete and correct, the CHED RO shall process the documentary requirements accordingly and the allowances shall be prepared for disbursement and crediting.

Note that the initial disbursement of scholarship allowances applicable to the approved nominee will be within forty (40) working days upon the CHED RO’s receipt and acceptance of complete required submissions.


Next Steps and Guidelines of Approved Nominees for A.Y. 2017-2018

AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 1. Secure admission to a DHEI.*
If unable to secure admission to first DHEI and program choice, seek admission to the second or third DHEI choice that still accepts admissions for the first academic term. Please refer to https://chedk12.wordpress.com/dhei for the complete list of CHED-approved DHEIs.

*Grantees approved for Thesis/Dissertation grant are not required to seek admission to CHED-approved DHEIs.

Request Documents 2. Download, print, and accomplish information required for applicable documents:

  • Provisional Notice of Award

    For those who need the Provisional Notice of Award, please stand by for updates when the online portal may be accessed.

  • Letter of Acceptance and Scholarship Undertaking
    Print in six (6) original copies and and have signed by the approved nominee and the SHEI President/Head of Institution. This will be downloadable through the dashboard. Attach all required documents as indicated in the letter of acceptance. The notarization shall be done by the Commission.

    Note: You will receive an e-mail notification through the e-mail address provided in the online portal announcing your approval to the scholarship. Only complete and correct submissions will be processed for disbursement of allowances accordingly.

  • Reentry and Return Service Agreement

    A copy must be kept by the approved nominee and the SHEI.

1 SEPTEMBER 2017 (FRIDAY) 2. Attach the following to the Letter of Acceptance and Scholarship Undertaking and submit personally, or through an authorized representative, to the CHED RO assigned to your SHEI (refer to Appendix B of the Memorandum):

  • Provisional Notice of Award**

    For those who need the Provisional Notice of Award, please stand by for updates when the online portal may be accessed.

  • Enrollment Form (as validated by DHEI’s Office of the Registrar);
    For Thesis/Dissertation grantees completing their program in non-DHEIs or programs not approved for the K to 12 Transition program: A certification from the Office of the Registrar must be attached indicating the number of months for the academic term enrolled as basis for allowance computation.
  • Government issued ID of Grantee;
  • Government issued ID of SHEI President or Head of Institution;
  • If SHEI signatory is a Head of the Institution (e.g. Campus Director, Chancellor, etc.), attach a letter of authorization from the main HEI President, Board Resolution, or Secretary’s Certificate, whichever is applicable; and
  • For Thesis/Dissertation Grantees: Certification of Approval for Thesis/dissertation proposal from HEI.

**The description for each program status is as follows:

  • NEW MASTER’S/DOCTORATE: for scholars who have NOT earned units at all for the degree program approved;
  • ONGOING MASTER’S/DOCTORATE: for scholars who have earned a number of units for the degree program approved and with pending academic requirements to accomplish for the incoming term; and
  • THESIS / DISSERTATION GRANT: for scholars who have completed academic requirements; currently starting the thesis/dissertation writing for the incoming term.

Please take note of the following remarks on the Provisional Notice of Award:

  • (No Remark) – The degree program choice is approved to be taken by the nominee. The approved nominee may opt to apply for a different DHEI, as long as he/she is admitted to the degree program approved, or to a program with the same specialization as to the approved degree program. Kindly note that the indicated DHEI is not binding, and as such, the scholar may choose to enroll in another DHEI. However, said nominee cannot enroll in their Sending HEI, except in special circumstances approved by the Commission.
  • Align degree to teaching discipline/designation – The approved nominee is directed to apply for more specialized programs or those more closely related to his/her teaching discipline or designation.
  • Redirect DHEI – The nominee may take the degree program, but is not approved to take it at the DHEI indicated. Therefore, he/she must apply to a different DHEI.
  • Disapproved – The nominee is not allowed to take up the degree program, and must, therefore, select only from the programs approved by CHED.
AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 3. Open a Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Savings Account at any LBP branch.
Submit a clear photocopy of the card, attach together with the Letter of Acceptance and Scholarship Undertaking.

For clarifications, contact the CHED K to 12 Transition Program Management Unit through this page.


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