Sectoral Engagements

SECTORAL ENGAGEMENT GRANTS are focused on complementing knowledge with practice and application. The grants open up avenues for knowledge generated in HEIs to be used in boosting public service and community engagement efforts. They aim to solve local problems in partner sectors such as government, industry, and civil society.


  • Industry Engagements seek to address job-skills mismatch of college graduates by immersing faculty in industry activities, translating to industry-relevant instruction and curriculum.
  • Civil Society Engagements support the academe in responding effectively to social and economic needs of communities.
  • Government Engagements allow faculty to participate in governance and the development agenda of the nation.


Be a sectoral partner! Application for Sectoral Partnerships are ongoing. Industry and civil society organizations are invited to apply. Individual HEIs may propose engagements with existing partners. To submit engagement proposals, click here . These partnerships will be part of a menu of engagements which faculty and staff may avail of.

Nominations for Sectoral Engagement are ongoing! Deadline is on April 22, 2016. For guidelines, click here [].

To learn more about the different sectoral partnerships, click the appropriate icons below:


Industry Engagements – Through immersion in industries, grantees can gain insights into the demands of their fields/ disciplines.

Civil Society Engagements – By engaging in development work, grantees can respond to the social needs of communities, and learn about the realities of the grassroots.

Government – Through engagements with government agencies, grantees can participate in governance and development projects that impact their communities and the nation.


If you are a faculty or staff who would like to avail of the grant, click [here]

If you are a POTENTIAL SECTORAL PARTNER, click through to this [page].


Please refer to this page for guidelines on


  1. CMO No. 11, s. 2016 
  2. CMO No. 12, s. 2016
  3. CMO No. 13, s. 2016
  4. CMO No. 14, s. 2016
  5. Memorandum from the Chair dated 01 April 2016
  6. Sectoral Engagements Brochure
  7. IRSE Poster
  8. SHEI Nomination Kit

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