Filipino research has a rare opportunity to flourish in the time of the K to 12 Transition. One of the leading obstacles to producing quality research remains the imbalance of workload between conducting research and instructing students. The transition can be a time for faculty to finish their pending research load, or to take opportunities they may otherwise pass up.

We at CHED want to support the work of faculty and their efforts in producing research. To this end, we want to offer grants that will provide the necessary support they need to stay effective.

CHED, through the K to 12 Transition Program, will provide faculty with grants that will cover their time as they receive research training, to do research, and engage in creative work.

Research Grants:

Grants for Research Projects (available on the First Semester SY 2016-2017)

The K to 12 Transition Period is an ideal opportunity for HEI faculty to do research. The CHED K to 12 Program recognizes this, and will provide grants for interested faculty who are eager to aid in knowledge generation. Faculty can avail of this grant and receive funding, while collaborating towards the success of their shared goals.

Grants for Creative Projects (available in 2017)

The cultivation and care of the Philippine cultural heritage is a task HEIs continue to pursue. These grants will help faculty who are able to help grow and preserve Filipino culture. Grantees may work towards key research work in fields that will raise consciousness on issues in culture. Other grantees may avail in grants to be able to contribute to the conversation by making original art in a field of their expertise. The grant will cover the time spent working on the project.

Grants for Technology Projects (available in 2017)

Faculty grantees can contribute towards e grants finding new applications of research to enhance the work of everyday life. These applications can be the construction of new machines to do work, or the design of software that can process data in unique ways.

Grant Application Process

  1. Interested faculty must be nominated for the grant by their HEI.
  2. Faculty applicants must go through the grants online system, and indicate ‘Research’
  3. They must accomplish the application form for research. This will include their proposed process and work-flow.
  4. Faculty will be organized as either team leaders who take operational charge of one research project, or as junior collaborators who contribute towards the project’s success.  
  5. If, after vetting, their proposal is accepted, the faculty member may proceed and receive the benefits of the grant


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