Professional Advancement and Postdoctoral Study Grants

Professional Advancement and Postdoctoral Study Grants are aimed at funding higher education faculty and staff who aim to further their specialization by undertaking a broad range of learning and research activities.  This is anchored in the need for faculty and staff to attain expertise and mastery of skills motivated not just by the demands of their profession but by a dedication to excellence in their areas of strength and interest.

There are three (3) types of grants under Professional Advancement and one (1) under Postdoctoral Studies that faculty and staff can apply for depending on need and eligibility.

Professional Advancement. Qualified faculty and staff may build expertise in their fields of specialization by undertaking non-degree professional advancement courses, under any of the following categories:

  1. Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programs. HEI faculty and staff may take up certificate/diploma courses at the graduate level to deepen their expertise in a specialized area. Said programs must be offered by reputable institutions in the Philippines or abroad. Further, ladderized programs that lead toward the attainment of a graduate degree are also allowed.
  2. Leadership Development Programs. HEI faculty and staff who are currently holding or preparing for leadership positions in their respective institutions may pursue leadership development programs offered by reputable business, professional or higher education institutions in the Philippines and abroad. This may include executive education programs, executive development programs, and fellowships in leadership, among others.
  3. Accreditation of Learning earned through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). HEI faculty and staff who engage in and successfully complete massive open online courses (MOOCs) offered by reputable local and foreign institutions and within the period of effectivity of this Memorandum Order may receive a grant to have their learning assessed, recognized, validated or certified.

Find list of possible courses here.

Postdoctoral Studies. Faculty and staff with doctoral degrees may undertake research leading to a postdoctoral qualification, hosted by a reputable institution in the Philippines or abroad. Postdoctoral Study Grants are awarded for a maximum duration of one (1) year.

Please refer to CMO No. 25, s. 2016 for more details and guidelines, and download forms here.

Email for inquiries and submissions.

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