Take part in this once-in-a-generation reform. 

The CHED K to 12 Transition PMU is seeking individuals who are:

  • Flexible and adaptive: can work in a range of contexts, conduct fieldwork and data analysis, write and make presentations, comfortable with ambiguity and messy environments
  • Collaborative yet independent: willing to take ownership and initiative, work well in teams
  • Open to learning: can quickly study new skills and knowledge, receptive to feedback and criticism
  • Passionate for education: can demonstrate a strong interest in supporting and improving reforms in Philippine higher education

Scholarships for Graduate Studies – Local

Scholarship Program Officer
(1) Oversee the delivery of local scholarship grants,
(2) Forge partnerships with local universities and deliver programs that are in line with the priority and in-demand disciplines of our Higher Education Institutions, and
(3) Improve existing processes of scholarships in CHED by providing more support for scholars through enhancing student services and building the capacity of the delivering institutions and agencies.
2 years experience, 8 hours training, Bachelor’s degree
Scholarship Program Officer
(1) Conducts financial checks and preparation of masterlists and disbursement vouchers / endorsement for payments; and
(2) Preparation of documents for the processing of living allowances, thesis / dissertation grant payments, and tuition and fees.
1 year experience, 4 hours training, Bachelor’s degree
Compliance Officer
(1) Assists the Accounting Officer in processing documents for disbursement;
(2) Organizes and keeps track of documents; and
(3) Updates and manages trackers.
Bachelor’s degree

International Relations

International Relations Officer
(1) Establishes partnerships and coordinates with higher education institutions (HEIs) abroad;
(2) Drafts Memoranda of Agreement and other documents in establishing partnerships with HEIs abroad;
(3) Organizes events in establishing partnerships with HEIs abroad; and
(4) Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the Team Lead or Director-in-Charge.
2 years experience, 8 hours training, Bachelor’s degree
International Relations Administrative Officer
(1) Takes charge of administrative matters in the International Relations component of the team;
(2) Processes liquidation and disbursement of funds for Transnational Education Scholars;
(3) Arranges for logistical and other administrative concerns of all CHED-CBIE Adult Education Learning Sessions and Roadshow;
(4) Coordinates with different stakeholders for the team’s concerns regarding administrative matters; and
(5) Takes charge in the Budget and Financial matters of the team’s operations.
1 year experience, 4 hours training, Bachelor’s degree

Institutional Development and Innovations

Institutional Grants Officer
(1) Monitor status of implementation of approved projects in higher education institutions as assigned;
(2) Proposes plans related to projects as assigned including schedules of activities, budgetary requirements based on applicable policies and guidelines;
(3) Maintain database of grantees with relevant data such as region, Higher Education Institution (HEI) size, type of grant, applicable accreditation, Philippine Standard Classification of Education (PSCED) project classification, etc; and
(4) Generate policy recommendations for development of higher education institutions.
2 years experience, 8 hours training, Bachelor’s degree
Institutional Grants Administrative Officer
(1) Provides input on grant budget allocation, budget realignment, and assessment of grantees;
(2) Creates liquidation reports; and
(3) Takes charge in administrative work and logistics.
1 year experience, 4 hours training, Bachelor’s degree

Individual Research, Sectoral Engagement, and Professional Advancement

Individual Grants Administrative Officer
(1) Facilitate the accurate and timely obligation and disbursement of grants;
(2) Ensure the timely encoding and tracking of all documents concerning the IRSEPA Grants;
(3) Logistical coordination and preparations in relation to activities relevant to the implementation and management of the grants; and
(4) Liaise with partners and other stakeholders on other administrative concerns
1 year experience, 4 hours training, Bachelor’s degree

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Apart from contributing to the development and implementation of the various programs under the K to 12 Transition Program, all positions entail:

  • opportunities to work alongside co-workers and counterparts passionate about education reform
  • gain experience and understanding of the Philippine education sector, specifically higher education
  • exposure to policy dialogue at the executive and legislative branches of government
  • opportunity to work with K to 12 schools and higher education institutions, including administrators, faculty, and staff
  • opportunity to work with foreign agencies and non-profit organizations involved in education reform

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I have to be Civil Service Eligible?

    No. Civil Service Eligibility is only required for plantilla/regular items; contractual personnel only need to meet the qualification standards to be considered for a position.

    Are positions project-based?

    Yes, they are contractual and are renewable every end of the year until 2021. These are not plantilla/regular items.

    Do you accept fresh graduates?

    Yes, we have entry level positions for those who have no work experience.

    Where and when do I need to report for work?

    Our main office is located at the CHED Central Office, with business address HEDC Bldg., C.P. Garcia Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. Our office hours are 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday. On Tuesdays to Fridays, sliding schedules are implemented; personnel may go to work between 8am-9am and log out between 5pm-6pm.

    What are the salary ranges?

    Available positions are from SG 9 to 18.