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Continuing Professional Development for Higher Education in the Philippines: Adult Education Training Program, is a joint project of CHED and the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), which aims to provide participants a contextual background, theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and best practices to develop effective instructional strategies and curriculum that could translate into measurable improvements in adult student learning.

The program will guide 30 select faculty and personnel from Philippine Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), to be divided into two (2) groups, 15 of which will come from State and Local Universities and Colleges and another 15 from Private HEIs, through a three-month training program that includes online/long-distance, in-Canada and in-country training aspects.

Program-related expenses such as airfare, per diem, accommodation, visa application fee, etc shall be funded by the Commission.



  • Provide participants with strategies and methods to address specific needs and abilities of adult learners.
  • Provide participants an opportunity to explore the principles of pedagogy, curriculum development, and assessment and evaluation techniques relating to mature learners.
  • Be able to visit institutions and stakeholders to see firsthand theoretical knowledge being put into practice.


Scope of the Training

The principal aim of this program is to provide support and capacity-building to HEIs in developing an Institutional Agenda for Sustainable Adult Education Programs.

Individual Participants

Participating Institutions

  • Learn the principles of adult learning (Need to know, Self-concept, Experience, Readiness, Orientation and Motivation), and how they are applied in the development of learning experiences.
  • Develop an appreciation for the diversity of adult audiences, including differences in knowledge and experience, learning preferences, motivations and potential learning barriers.
  • Explain the role of learners, adult educators, and learning organizations in improving performance and advancing professional development.
  • Review models of learning experience design for their application in technology selection, developing solutions and meeting learner needs.
  • Explore current trends in education that are influencing how learning is designed and delivered in rapidly changing environment.
  • Get familiar with “Train the Trainer” approach and techniques.
  • Work closely with CHED in aid of future policy formulation for the Continuing Professional Development program.
  • Identify the target niche and specific clientele of their adult education program.
  • Create and develop an Action Project Plan (APP) for Adult Education/ Continuing Professional Education programs enumerating strategies and instructional techniques for adult and lifelong learning situated in diverse learning environments.
  • Develop/Improve syllabi and curriculum for the specific adult education program.
  • Design an adult learning program and develop a toolkit enumerating procedures to implement the programs.
  • Present the APP, toolkit and methodology developed to other participating HEIs to share best practices.
  • Implement the APP and methodology through a “Train-the-Trainers” Conference.
  • Draft and submit a Technical Report encapsulating the experience on the implementation of the adult education training program, including findings and recommendations on how to improve the said program.
  • Submit proposal and apply to the institutional development grants offered by the Commission.
  • Work closely with CHED in aid of future policy formulation for the Continuing Professional Development program.


Eligibility Requirements

Individual Level

Institution Level

  • Is a Filipino citizen.
  • Is a Higher Education permanent teaching or non-teaching personnel who has the influence and capacity to achieving the HEI’s mission, vision, and goals, and is able to contribute long term to the development and enhancement of CPD programs of their institution.
  • Must have a Master’s or Doctorate Degree in the field/subject relevant to the concept proposal submitted through this grant.
  • Preferably with background in curricula and programs design.
  • Must have experience in managing and/or teaching in Adult Education Programs or CPD Programs.
  • Preferably have headed and/or managed extension and/or training projects in the institution.
  • Is in good health and of good moral character.
  • Has no pending criminal charges, and must have not been convicted for violation of any Philippine Law.
  • Will fulfill all the Terms and Conditions of the agreement, including the re-entry action plan, as agreed with their respective Higher Education Institutions.
  • Is a CHED-recognized HEI (SUCs, LUCs, and private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs)).
  • Is Center of Excellence (COE) or Center of Development (COD), or at least has Level III Accreditation or its equivalent, for at least one discipline relevant to the proposal.
  • Has existing and ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs or Adult Education Program.


Application Process

  1. Download and accomplish the following required documents:

    • Institutional Profile
    • Nomination Form
    • Nominee Re-Entry Action Plan
    • Curriculum Vitae of Nominee
    • Concept Paper

  2. Fill-out the application form.


  3. Submit all forms and hard copy proposals to the CHED Central Office:

    CHED K to 12 Transition Program Management Unit
    1/F, Commission on Higher Education, HEDC Building
    CP Garcia Avenue, UP Diliman, Quezon City 1101

Answers in both online form and hard copy proposals must be the same. You may copy-paste entries from the proposal into this form.
Institutions may submit more than one application as long as it follows a one-program-one-proposal submission.