Scholarship for Graduate Studies – Local Update

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) wishes to update continuing scholars of the Scholarships for Graduate Studies-Local (SGS-L) program for A.Y. 2016-2017 regarding the processing of allowance (specifically for non-regular terms and residency), migration of DBP Prepaid Account to DBP-CHED Savings Account, travel clearance, and submission of documents.

Accomplishing the Summer Activity Accomplishment Report

Scholars must ensure to accomplish the Summer Activity Accomplishment Report in a more detailed and comprehensive manner, particularly the tasks and milestones. Scholars are refrained from copying another scholar’s accomplishment report. There are numerous cases that have been flagged, wherein scholars have copied faithfully the accomplishments, learnings, and even the actual outputs of other scholars, specifically for those working in the same group during the activity.
Also, any activity or work conducted during the summer activity with Sending Higher Education Institution (HEI) must be relevant to or a direct application of the degree program being undertaken (e.g. research, extension, data gathering, etc.).

Accomplishing the Residency Forms A and B

The Certification for Residency forms must be fully accomplished.These forms are required to substantiate the release of a full-term’s allowance to scholars whose comprehensive examination are not enrolled or for those enrolled in residency (with less than 3 units or zero units). Thus, scholars are required to write their expected and/or produced outputs in a comprehensive manner. Notable dates for events or examination shall be included, particularly the timeline of activities.

Scholars taking comprehensive examination that is part of the study plan, but are not enrolled or included in the enrollment form, are also required to submit Certification for Residency forms with their expected and/or produced outputs with notable dates for events and examination. Aside from this, as required by the CHED Accounting Office, a copy of the form/certification of grades (can be original or photocopy, signed by the University Registrar) prior to the Comprehensive examination shall be included as supplemental document.

For example:

Advisory Banner_Processing of Allowance_20181008_Table 01

*Scholar with enrolled subject/s together with comprehensive examination is not required to submit Residency Forms A and B. In addition, to process the term after comprehensive examination, scholar must submit the grade form of the previous term.
Migration of DBP Prepaid Account to DBP-CHED Savings Account

Scholars who have yet to open their DBP-CHED Savings account are requested to migrate their account at the soonest possible time. Consistent to the advisory that we released last 13 July 2018, the Commission will no longer issue authorizations to credit to the old prepaid accounts starting 15 July 2018.

We would also like to remind the scholars to empty out their old DBP prepaid accounts as security can no longer be assured and the account holder will be the one liable for the remaining money in the prepaid accounts.

Meanwhile, scholars with DBP-CHED Savings account must maintain a minimum Php 1.00 balance to prevent the closing of their account.

Travel Clearance Requirements

Scholars who will be travelling outside the country (e.g. conference or personal travel) must seek clearance from the Commission and submit the following requirements two weeks before leaving the country:

  1. Official Written Request from the Scholar
  2. Certificate of Clearance from Delivering HEI
  3. Certificate of Clearance from Sending HEI
  4. Copy of Travel Ticket
  5. Copy of Conference Invitation (if applicable)

Meanwhile, as per the CHED Memorandum from the Officer-in-Charge dated 24 July 2018, personnel from State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) are required to submit the following documents (if travelling for official business or conference), on top of the above-mentioned requirements, to secure an Authority to Travel Abroad:

  1. Travel Authority
  2. Evaluation Form for the Necessity Travel for SUCs
  3. Assessment of International Conference/Meeting issued by International Affairs Staff – CHED
  4. Board Resolution

Submission of Documents

Please be informed that all K to 12-related documents must be submitted to:

Commission on Higher Education Higher Education
Development Center Building
C.P. Garcia Ave, Diliman, Quezon City
K to 12 Transition PMU Office located at SEAMEO Innotech Building will no longer accept any documents from scholars and other stakeholders.


The K to 12 Transition PMU has launched its Online Customer Service Platform with various features that would streamline the process of answering inquiries and concerns.

With this, all inquiries related to the unit are requested to be sent to and not to the personnel or other offices of the Commission.
Thank you.