The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) has formalized a partnership that would make available grants for higher education institution (HEI) faculty in the arts and the humanities.

Through the Grants for Creative Projects, an initiative under the CHED K to 12 Transition Program, the CHED-NCCA partnership will look to support deloaded or displaced HEI faculty affected during the K to 12 transition period.


The project aims to fund 900 grants over the next two years and will enable faculty and staff to promote Philippine culture by engaging in arts research or creative projects for publication, exhibition, and production, among others. Art forms or areas for research include performing arts such as music and theater, visual arts such as paintings and filmmaking, and literature.

“This partnership is unprecedented and marks a milestone for CHED as this is the first time we are offering a grant exclusive to arts and humanities. It is our priority to promote arts, culture, and humanities alongside other strands of study such as science, technology, and innovation,” shared CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan.

While guidelines are still to be established by both agencies, projects may be undertaken individually or as a team. NCCA has also identified that the proposals must forward sustainable development through culture, depict creativity and diversity through artistic expression, and promote a strong sense of nationhood and pride in being a Filipino.

“Broad, humanistic social sciences education is important because it gives us a chance to be able to relate to society as a whole,” said NCCA Chairperson Felipe de Leon, relating that education in the arts and humanities would give way to social consciousness and gaining pride as Filipino people.

Licuanan adds, “It is our hope that these grants inspire our artists in higher education to produce their own original works of art. We are very much looking forward to what they could contribute to our thriving local art scene, and in doing so, deepen the roots of our diverse and rich Filipino culture.”

As raised in the Education Summit held last November, the Grants for Creative Projects is aligned with President Rodrigo Duterte’s ten-point socio-economic agenda, which includes promoting the arts “to enhance innovation and creative capacity towards self-sustaining inclusive development”.

Based on the summit, key missions identified were the utilization of higher education as a force for social and cultural transformation, as well as an accelerator of innovation and inclusive economic development. Another priority was to develop greater collaboration among government agencies toward education goals.

The K to 12 Transition Program

To support the full implementation of the K to 12 Program, the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) K to 12 Transition Program is aimed at the strategic development of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and personnel during the transition period from 2016 to 2021. The Program includes a range of programs to support faculty and staff through scholarships for master’s and doctoral programs, locally and abroad, non-degree programs, as well as institutional grants for HEIs.