All HEIs required to accomplish Annual Reporting Form

Pursuant to CHED Memorandum Order 45, s. 2016, the Commission requires higher education institutions (HEIs) to accomplish the K to 12 Transition Annual Reporting Form available in this page. The Instruction Manual can be downloaded here. Each HEI is expected to respond to the survey such that the satellite campuses must answer separately from their main campus.


The primary objective of this reporting template is to collect administrative data of HEIs and its personnel that will be tracked during the K to 12 transition period. Such information will also help ensure the responsiveness of the CHED K to 12 Transition Program to the needs of HEIs and its personnel in the said timeframe.

This form will be filled out and submitted no later than 30 September every year. Please submit the accomplished form to the Monitoring and Evaluation team, through the email address:, with the HEI name stated in the subject title. HEIs may also send queries to the same email address with the subject title “FORM QUERY: [Insert HEI name here]”.