CHED streamlines processes and goes online for the K to 12 Transition Scholarships

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) opens its call for nominations today for the Graduate Education Scholarships (Local) for Higher Education Faculty and Staff under its K to 12 Transition Program, for the Second Semester of Academic Year 2016-2017.

Press Release - SGS Second Sem Nominations

The Online Nomination Portal, will be the web portal for nominations of HEI teaching and non-teaching personnel. It is designed to increase the accessibility of the nomination process, and provide a simplified avenue for nominees to submit required documents. The new process also features ease of submission of requirements, minimizing the use of paper documents, and a streamlined process, to facilitate immediate screening and evaluation of said nominations.

If intending to nominate, HEIs must open an account in the Online Nomination Portal and nominate their teaching and non-teaching personnel. The SHEI Nominee will be notified via email of the nomination so they can create their Nominee profile and upload the required documents. The SHEI can then proceed to create individual justifications. They must export the SHEI Nomination Form and Individual Justification Forms and submit the signed hard copies to the CHED Central Office on September 9, 2016. This deadline shall be non-extendable.

Press Release - SGS Online Portal Screenshot screencap

The CHED Scholarships for Graduate Studies (SGS) provides grants to qualified higher education teaching and non-teaching personnel for Master’s and Doctoral studies, including thesis and dissertation grants. The Program takes advantage of the K to 12 Transition Period where teaching and non-teaching personnel shall pursue full-time graduate studies, without the usual constraint of heavy teaching and work loads, as a result of the full implementation of Senior High School last June. The Program also leverages the window of opportunity to significantly invest in the upgrading of qualifications of HEI faculty and staff. Currently, only 50 percent of our faculty in HEIs have graduate degrees.

For the first semester of 2016 alone, 4,089 SHEI nominees were approved to be granted graduate education scholarships. Among them, 1,850 are taking new Master’s degrees while 1,379 are pursuing new Doctorate degrees across 149 CHED-designated Delivering HEIs nationwide.

The K to 12 Transition Program is a five-year effort of CHED aimed at the strategic development of HEIs and personnel during the transition period from 2016 to 2021. The Program includes a range of programs to support faculty and staff through scholarships for master’s and doctoral programs, locally and abroad, non-degree programs, as well as institutional grants for HEIs.

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