This April 2016, Instruction, Research, and Sectoral Engagement (IRSE) Nomination Workshops are being held for higher education institutions (HEIs) conducted in 16 regions nationwide. The workshops’ primary objective is to give the HEIs a full understanding of Sectoral Engagements, the first component of IRSE to be implemented in June 2016.

Sectoral Engagement Grants give an avenue for faculty to complement their knowledge with practice and application through partnerships with Government, Industry, and Civil Society. This takes advantage of the two opportunities that resulted from the K to 12 Transition: first is engaging the faculty without taking away from instruction, and second is the government funding available for higher education capacity-building.

Grantees have the opportunity to update their expertise in line with existing practices, while receiving a monthly grant from CHED. HEIs will therefore be able to ensure relevance of instruction and cultivate long-term partnerships with sectoral partners. Partners can likewise utilize technical expertise of grantees which may lead to a reduction of training costs for new graduates in the long run.

The workshops also tackle how HEIs can effectively nominate their faculty to avail of the Sectoral Engagement Grants. HEI representatives may attend workshops on the following dates in the following regions:

FBSQ-COMING2 (1).png

For more details, interested parties may coordinate with their respective CHED Regional Offices.

Deadline of nominations is on April 27, 2016.

For more information about IRSE Grants, please refer to CHED Memorandum Order No. 14, series of 2016.