Call for nominations: IRSE Grants


The Instruction, Research and Sectoral Engagement Grants aims to frame faculty development using a lifelong learning mindset, to include knowledge and skills gained beyond the classroom, outside of graduate degrees. The grants allow faculty to gather experience and contextualize their own technical knowledge through field work and actual practice.

Currently, the Sectoral Engagement Grants are open for nominations for term 1 of SY 2016-17. Deadline for nominations is April 27, 2016.*

*Note: The previous version of this page initially stated that the deadline was April 22.

Sectoral Engagements are focused on complementing knowledge with practice and application. The grants open up avenues for knowledge generated in HEIs to be used in boosting public service and community engagement efforts. They aim to solve local problems in partner sectors such as government, industry, and civil society.

  • Industry Engagements seek to address long standing and systemic problems on job-skills mismatch and college graduate employability. Through faculty immersion and other industry linkaging activities, this grant aims to strengthen higher education by ensuring industry-relevant instruction and curriculum.
  • Civil Society Engagements allow academe to respond effectively to social and economic needs of communities. Engagements are also an opportunity to inform instruction and curriculum, and to help faculty present development work as a viable career option for students.
  • Government Engagements allow faculty to participate in governance and the development agenda of the nation. Faculty can take part in initiatives with wide reach and impact, thus gaining a broader awareness of local and national issues.

To nominate faculty for Sectoral Engagement grants and to know more about the nomination process, please refer to the following memoranda:

CMO 14, s. 2016 – Guidelines for Availing of Instruction, Research and Sectoral Engagements (IRSE) Grants under the K to 12 Transition Program

Download nomination requirements here.

The following grants will also be offered soon:

Instruction grants give faculty the opportunity retool their teaching strategies and curricular content in light of current contexts (i.e. new GE curriculum, 21st century learners). These grants also aim to aid in the retooling and retraining of faculty in various instruction-related competencies, like research. This will be available for SY 2017-18.

Research grants provide faculty with grants to receive research training, to do research, or to engage in creative work. These grants will cover the faculty member’s time to work on their goals. Availability of this grant will be announced soon.