SHS Teacher Training Workshops held nationwide


From late October through the month of November, 2015, the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) conducted trainings for incoming Senior High School (SHS) teachers nationwide, the culmination of the SHS support project undertaken by CHED with the Philippine Normal University (PNU).

The trainings, conducted in several locations and provinces, targeted SHS teachers from all 17 regions in the country, where they were equipped with pedagogical-content strategies and practices that are developmentally appropriate to SHS-age learners, and that is anchored on the emphasis on outcomes-based curriculum and geared toward lifelong learning which teachers themselves can model to learners.

It is centered on three distinct but interrelated skills that teachers must have: as designer, facilitator, and learner. Teachers are also equipped to design effective assessment tools, use technology effectively in the classroom, and using student data to contextualize teaching.

Prior to this, from October 14 to 17, 2015, a total of 178 teacher-trainors were trained by the CHED-PNU Team, among them 127 from PEAC accredited schools and 51 faculty from the National Network of Normal Schools (3NS), to use the modules and farm them out to SHS teachers from varying contexts across the country.


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