British council provides support to STEM education


Last November 3 to 6, the British Council, the UK government’s international arm for cultural relations, facilitated a visit in support of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in the Philippines.

Mr. Gareth Price and Dr. Stuart Bevins of Sheffield Hallam University conducted workshops and meetings with Junior High School teachers from DepEd public schools, science high schools and private schools to gather data and get a firm grasp on the current practices, strengths and needs of science education in the Philippines, especially in light of the K to 12 program.

Having thus familiarized themselves with the landscape, they also met with officials of CHED, in relation to the Senior High School (SHS) support project that CHED is undertaking in partnership with the Philippine Normal University (PNU), through which teaching guides for incoming SHS teachers are being produced for STEM subjects to be included in SHS, namely,  Biology (2 subjects), Chemistry (2 subjects), Physics (2 subjects), Earth Science, Statistics, and Calculus (2 subjects). 

Mr. Price and Dr. Bevins poured plenty of time learning the methods used by the team leaders and writers who crafted the teaching guides, and creating assessment tools to aid in revising and ensuring the efficacy of the materials. Currently, the British Council and CHED are exploring avenues to deepen the partnership, the first of its kind, and specifically targeted to improving STEM education in the country.


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